Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fuck Boys & Sextortion in Prince Edward Island

On July 6, 2015, the Charlottetown Chief of Police was on CBC Compass PEI discussing with Bruce Rannie sextortion in Prince Edward Island.  He explained that to date, they have dealt with three incidents of sextortion in Charlottetown, PEI.

The Chief described how perpetrators befriend their victims on social media, grooms them and builds their trust either as a friend or romantic partner.  Once the trust level has been built the perpetrator will ask for sexual images from their victims or they will capture images of their victims unknowingly by taking screen shots.  Once the perpetrators have the sexual images, they then blackmail their victims for either more sexual images or for money.  

The advice given by the Chief of Police was to not put yourself in a compromising position.  Most of us would not walk into a restaurant or store partially or fully nude and we certainly would not strip down naked in public. We need to start looking at the Internet, Social Media and Texting in the same light.  When you post nude or near nude pictures of yourself or send sexual images to someone, you are putting yourself at risk and danger of being sexually exploited and blackmailed. 

I want to share with you that through the CONNECT PEI Cyberviolence Research Project, we have encountered this right across PEI, just as the Chief explained it .... ALSO .... it is happening in our public schools among our youth.  If anyone followed my Fuck Boy post on Facebook  last week, here's further information that comes from both male / female youth in PEI.  We have learned in depth first hand information on Fuck Boys and Sextortion in Prince Edward Island.

"Fuck Boys are defined as oversexed males who are disrespectful towards women and girls and pressure females into sexual conversations, sexual encounters, and sending sexts. They have no boundaries and no limits, speak very degradingly of women and girls, and feed their f-boy tendencies by pressuring girls for nudes and sexts. Once they receive those nudes, they then blackmail girls for more images, to have sex with them and their friends, to hang out with them at parties. The consequence of not obliging is the threat of releasing and sharing the nudes with the entire school population and character assassination."

Please note, the definition of sextortion: "Sextortion refers to the broad category of sexual exploitation in which abuse of power is the means of coercion, as well as to the category of sexual exploitation in which threatened release of sexual images or information is the means of coercion."

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