Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Year Project on Preventing & Eliminating Cyber Violence, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Bullying, Internet Luring & Stalking Against Women & Gilrs In PEI

Andy Lou Somers, Executive Director of EPWIC, and I can finally announce a two year project which will focus on preventing and eliminating cyber violence, cyber crimes, cyber bullying, Internet luring and cyber stalking against young women and girls in Prince Edward Island.

My company, Sweet Spot Marketing Canada, will play a fundamental role in this project. Our scope is much broader than bullying, it includes other online crimes that put women and girls at risk, including stocking, luring, identity theft, human trafficking, sexual harassment, sexual bullying, protection against predators. 

We have done significant work here in PEI in the last 2 years, with presentations in schools at the junior high level, as well as parent and guardian presentations and front line staff of PEI Service Providers working in crises centres, women centres and people with disabilities.

It is incredible, the crimes that are occurring here in PEI, everything from luring through social media and text message for sexual assault, to stocking and harassment, to setting up drug deals and break and enters. We are very pleased to receive support and looking forward to working with many community partners on this Island Wide project. 

We encourage people to follow our facebook page to post comments and provide feedback. 

Nancy Beth Guptill, Digital Leader
Digital Leader Sweet Spot Marketing Canada

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