Friday, September 12, 2014

I Really Miss You Daddy - Can You See Me?

Post by HOT 106.1.

It's been a year daddy. I really really miss you. Mommy said your in a safe place now. In a beautiful place called Heaven. We had your favorite dinner tonight. I ate it all up! Even though I don't like carrots.. I learned how to swim this summer. I can even open my eyes when I'm under water. Can you see me? It's been 5 years daddy. And I'm in 5th grade now. I really like computers. But, math is hard. Mommy lets me sleep in one of your tee shirts. I think it still smells like you. I don't need to sleep with the light on anymore. I try not to cry daddy, but it still hurts. I really miss you daddy. Can you see me? It's been ten years daddy. I started high school. I made the honor roll, I hope you're proud of me. I'm also on the soccer team. Can you see me on the field? I started thinking about colleges. Do you think I could be a doctor? I know you'll be with me when I walk down the isle.. I try not to be sad. But it hurts. I hope you know you're my hero. I love you so much. Can you see me? This is for all the kids who have lost

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