Saturday, May 5, 2018


As I go deeper in relationship with God and listen to the call He has over my life, I reflect on the past 48 years of my Christian walk. The many roads He had me travel with experiences of being a member of different church communities, all of which I love and cherish.

Now that I am back at my home church, the one I was raised in and becoming reacquainted with, I realize God’s plan for me. 

As I prepare to become an Anglican Lay Reader, I am learning the Anglican Way.
What I love about the Anglican Way is we are radically open while steeped in tradition. An example of being radically open would be having someone of the Jewish Faith and an Atheist partake and assist in a service. Our belief is that we are still sharing in God's Love whether a believer or not, or coming from different faith backgrounds. Meanwhile, we are steeped in tradition by the prayers we recite, the garments we wear and the service rituals we perform because they all have significant meaning.

I am so very thankful for the St. Mary's Parish. I am also so very thankful for Reverend Colin and the wonderful conversations we have had, and the many more to come.